Nicole Cooley

Klapper 702

You can find my short CV here.

Research Interests

My writing and research focuses on poetry, contemporary poetics and short-form non-fiction.  I have published six books of poems, most recently Of Marriage (Alice James Books 2018) and Girl After Girl After Girl (Louisiana State University Press 2017; winner of a Devil’s Kitchen award from Southern Illinois University 2018) as well as two chapbooks and a novel.

My poems have most recently appeared in Poetry, American Poetry Review, Scoundrel Time, Plume and Tupelo Quarterly. My non-fiction essays have appeared in The Atlantic, The Paris Review Daily and The Rumpus.

For my work, I have been awarded the Walt Whitman Award from the Academy of American Poets, the Emily Dickinson Award from the Poetry Society of America, a fellowship from The American Antiquarian Society, and a National Endowment for the Arts Grant.

Teaching Interests

I teach courses in the English Department, the MA program and the MFA Program.  A My undergraduate courses frequently include English 374, Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Poetry and English 391, Senior Seminar on Contemporary Poetry and Politics.  I also teach MA classes on Documentary Poetics.  I love introducing students to the amazing and inclusive world of contemporary American poetry.

In the MFA program, I often teach English 758, MFA Thesis Workshop, as well as English 753: MFA Poetry Workshop as well as the MFA craft class, English 760: Tiny Texts: Short poems, micro diaries, flash fiction and one minute plays.

Selected Publications

Of Marriage: Poems (Alice James Books 2018)

Girl after Girl after Girl (Louisiana State University Press 2017; winner of the Devil’s Kitchen award from Southern Illinois University 2018)

Breach (Louisiana State University Press 2010)

Milk Dress (Alice James Books 2010)

The Afflicted Girls (Louisiana State University Press 2003)

Judy Garland, Ginger Love (Harper Collins 1998)

Resurrection (Louisiana State University Press 1996)