Transfer Credit Evaluation

All initial evaluations for transfer credits (in any discipline) must be done at the Academic Advisement Center (Kiely Hall 217), either at a transfer evaluation workshop or in consultation with an advisor. For general information about transferring credits, please visit

For specific questions about the transfer of English credits, you may need to visit a transfer credit evaluator in the English department. Evaluators are available during Fall and Spring semesters during the hours listed below. They’re also available in August and January by appointment. To schedule an appointment, please contact the English Department Office. Always bring a copy of your transcript from your previous school with you.

Advisors List : Transfer Credit & Grade Disputes

Common transfer issues for English courses include:

  • ENG 499. If a credit has been evaluated as ENG 499, you must visit a transfer evaluator in the English department. Please schedule this visit as soon as possible, especially if you decide to minor or major in English.
  • ENG 110. Transfer students can be exempt from this course only if they have taken a similar course that is worth the same number of credits. There are no exemptions for scores on exams like the Advanced Placement (AP) exam or the CLEP exam, nor can students become exempt by taking a college preparatory course in high school or or at a bridge program.
  • Requirements within the major that were taken at another school
  • General Education courses within English taken at another school
  • The transfer of EC1 and EC2 courses (equivalent to ENG 110 and a College Writing 2 course)
  • For questions about the transfer of Writing Intensive courses, please visit Writing at Queens