The English Minor

The English minor (Minor Code: ENGL-MIN) is an attractive option for students interested in combining the study of English with a major in another field.

To declare a minor, you must fill out this form. This form requires a departmental signature, which you may obtain by returning the form to You will, in addition, be given an Advisement Form which lists the requirements of the minor.

Additional guidance in choosing courses within the minor can be provided by Faculty advisors. If you have not spoken to any other advisor, you can ask the Director of Undergraduate Studies or Associate Chair (in offices Klapper 601 and 603).

English Minor Requirements
Required courses for the new English minor
  1. Gateway course (one). All English minors must take:
    ENGL 170W: Introduction to Literary Study (pre-req. ENGL 130)
    Pre-requisite to ENGL 244 and all 300-level English electives
  2. Methodology courses (one). All English minors choose one of the following:
    ENGL 241: The Text in its Historical Moment
    ENGL 242: Literary History
    ENGL 243: Genre
    OR ENGL 244: Theory
    Pre- or co-requisite for all these courses is ENGL 170W
  3. Additional courses (for 12.0CR)
    All English minors take 12 additional credits in English at the 200-300 level
    Pre-requisite for all 300-level electives is ENGL 170W

Total credits: 20

How do the new minor requirements affect me?
Are you…

… an EECE student? Check out our information for EECE Students PDF!

… a continuing English minor (i.e. you declared your major before Fall 2020)? You can choose to opt into the new requirements, or stay under the old ones.

… interested in opting in? please fill out this form!

… not interested in opting in? You don’t need to do anything!

… a new or incoming English minor? You don’t need to do anything! You will automatically follow these new requirements.