Sara P. Alvarez

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Assistant Professor  
Klapper Hall, Room 735  

Research Interests

As a scholar in Rhetoric and Composition my research interests intersect the fields of critical applied linguistics, urban and bilingual education, and immigration geopolitics. Through ethnography-based investigation and community engagement, I look to how immigrant youth negotiate and transform writing practices, languages, and national borders. I’m currently working on a book project which examines the multilingual and academic writing practices of self-outed undocumented young adults in the U.S. South and New York City.


I teach courses about writing, the teaching of writing in multilingual and academic contexts, and methods for community engagement. My first-year writing courses have been on topics like language and literacy, controversial issues from a local perspective, and community belonging. I’ve taught courses like science and technical writing, methods and methodology of English education, and multilingual writing.

Recent Publications

“Translingual Practice, Ethnic Identities, and Voice in Writing.” Co-authored with Suresh Canagarajah, Eunjeong Lee, Jerry Won Lee, and Shakil Rabbi. In Crossing Divides. Eds. Bruce Horner and Laura Tetreault. Utah State University Press, 2017, pp. 31—47.

“On Multimodal Composing.” Co-authored with Michael Bauman, Michelle Day, Khirsten Echols, Layne Gordon, Ashanka Kumari, Laura Matravers, Jessie Newman, Amy Nichols, Caitlin Ray, Jon Udelson, Rick Wysocki, and Dánielle Nicole DeVoss. Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, 21. 2 (2017), digital.

“The Translingual Biblioteca: A Case Study of a Latin American Ethnolinguistic Community Library in the Nuevo US South.” Co-authored with Steven Alvarez. Pedagogies of Resistance and Self-Determination. Spec. issue of Equity and Excellence in Education, 49.4 (2016): 403—413.

Book Reviews

“Composition Rhetoric’s Translingual Turn: Multilingual Approaches to Writing.” Rev. of Reworking English in Rhetoric and Composition: Global Interrogations, Local Interventions. Eds. Bruce Horner and Karen Kopelson. International Journal of the Sociology of Language 241.1 (2016): 155—161.