Francesca Hyatt

Associate Director of the Writing Center
Kiely Hall, Room 229 (The Writing Center)

You can find my CV on my personal website.

Research Interests

I write creative nonfiction texts that deal primarily with themes of home, migration and belonging. My chapbook Forestwish won the 2021 Birdhouse Prize and was published with Ghostbird Press in May, 2022. I’m working on a book about people’s relationship with trees in myths, literature and contemporary lived experiences. I’m an editor at KtB Magazine and co-founder and editor of Clotheslines, a new literary journal. I also translate German prose into English.

Teaching Interests

I frequently teach English 110, the Language and Literacies syllabus. I was raised in a multilingual environment and value creating a classroom community that highlights students’ diverse linguistic abilities. Most semesters I teach English 211W, Introduction to Creative Nonfiction. This course includes a survey of forms: literary essays, memoir, long-form narrative writing, flash texts, and some journalism as well. When teaching this course, I prioritize creating a safe and stimulating environment for students to write about their lives, as well as discuss the challenging and meaningful themes raised in our class texts.

Selected Publications

Forestwish, Ghostbird Press, 2022