Annmarie Drury

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Associate Professor
Director of the English Honors Program  
Klapper Hall 631  

Research Interests

My research and teaching focus on Victorian literature and culture, especially poetry, and also nineteenth-century literary translation. My first book, Translation as Transformation in Victorian Poetry, explores the mutual influences of poetic and translation practices from early Victorian times into the twentieth century. It was awarded the Sonya Rudikoff Prize for the best first book in Victorian Studies. I also translate Swahili poetry: poems of the Tanzanian modernist Euphrase Kezilahabi in the collection Stray Truths and, as part of an international collaboration, poetry from nineteenth-century Lamu. I write and publish my own poetry.

My current work centers in ideas of voice in nineteenth-century poetry. I am interested in how languages and literary cultures change to accommodate, understand, or resist unfamiliar voices. I have been studying Shaaban Robert’s 1952 Swahili translation of Edward FitzGerald’s Victorian Rubáiyát. I am also editing an English translation of Abdilatif Abdalla’s beautiful book of poems, Sauti ya Dhiki, made by the late novelist Ken Walibora Waliaula; and contributing to the “Prismatic Jane Eyre” project based at the University of Oxford.


B.A. Yale (African Studies)
M.A. Houston (Creative Writing: Poetry)
M.A. SOAS, University of London (Comparative Literature: Africa/ Asia)
Ph.D. Yale (English Language and Literature)


Undergraduate Courses: Introduction to Poetry (165W); Introduction to Literary Studies (170W); Victorian Poetry and Prose (324); South African Life-Writing (364); The Victorian Supernatural (391W)

Graduate Courses (M.A./M.F.A): Victorian Poetry and Poetics (724); Graduate Methodology (701); Craft of Translation (763)


Editor, The Library Window by Margaret Oliphant (Broadview 2019)

Translation as Transformation in Victorian Poetry (Cambridge UP, 2015)

Selected Poems of Euphrase Kezilahabi, edited and translated by Annmarie Drury (Michigan State UP, 2015)

Articles, Book Chapters, and Poetry

“Aural Community and William Barnes as Earwitness,” Victorian Poetry 56 no.4 (Winter 2018): pp. 433-453

“Arrhythmia” and “At Deathbed” (poems), Raritan, Spring 2018.

“Translation” and “Edward FitzGerald,” Blackwell Encyclopedia of Victorian Literature, ed. by Dino Felluga, Pamela Gilbert, and Linda Hughes (2015)

“ ‘To a Gipsy Child by the Sea-Shore’ and Matthew Arnold’s Poetic Questions,” at the BRANCH Collective:

“Some for the Glories of the Sole: The Rubáiyát and FitzGerald’s Sceptical American Parodists,” in FitzGerald’s Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám: Popularity and Neglect, ed. Adrian Poole et al. (London: Anthem, 2011), 193-212.

“Accident, Orientalism and Edward FitzGerald as Translator,” Victorian Poetry 46, no.1 (Spring 2008): 37-53.

“The Hoe as We Know It: Translating a Contemporary Swahili Poet,” in Translating Others 2, ed. Theo Hermans (Manchester, UK and Northampton, MA: St. Jerome, 2006), 392-401.

Poems in journals including The Paris Review, Raritan, and Western Humanities Review; poetic translations in journals including Raritan and MPT: Modern Poetry in Translation and online at Warscapes ( and Asymptote (