Amanda Torres

Klapper Hall, Room 611

You can find my short CV here.

Research Interests

I am interested in pedagogy, especially as it pertains to rhetoric and composition, with my research exploring how to create a kinder and more inclusive learning environment. I am also interested in Latino/a/x literature and culture, queer and feminist theories, and genre fiction.

Teaching Interests

I mostly teach undergraduate writing courses such as English 110 and English 130. In my teaching, I like to encourage students to critically examine pop culture and media, particularly in my “Monsters” themed English 110 class. In my literature classes, I curate reading lists that reflect the diversity of voices, cultures, histories, and theoretical perspectives that comprise American literature. For classes on Latino/a/x literature, I like to focus on genre/speculative fiction by Latino/a/x authors and the utopian potentialities of their work.

Some recent courses I taught include: English 110: College Writing I, English 130: Writing About Literature, English 152: Readings in American Literature, English 360: Latina/o/x Literature.

Selected Publications
Selected Articles

Torres, Amanda. “Poetry, Pulse, and the Anthology” (co-authored with William Orchard), Post45 Contemporaries, January 2020.